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Blockchains that Connect Supports

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Green Blockchain

Share your inexpensive or renewable power and earn GREEN. Now you can create your own blockchain power grid by sharing your power with other green blockchain participants.

Give Blockchain

The Give blockchain is a global community of philanthropists and concerned citizens who share one unifying vision: a community that empowers and provides support to many important causes around the world.

Liberty Blockchain

The Liberty Project is a worldwide community committed to creating opportunities for veterans around the world. Leveraging skills learned in the service to build a better life, the Liberty project will provide a variety of opportunities.

Elevate Blockchain

There has never been a better place to exchange your digital rewards. Not only does elevate bring the blockchains together but it also provides opportunity to those that want to support the transfer of digital rewards.


Win Blockchain

WIN is the ultimate "Proof of Action" reward on the win blockchain. The more you help others take advantage of amazing blockchain technology, the more you WIN. Win is exclusive through the connect community.

Gala Blockchain

Players get to truly own what they win in the games. Everything within the Gala Games Network depends on the player owned Node Ecosystem.

Switch Blockchain

Switch Reward Blockhain provides maximum versatility, which means you have the freedom to be wherever life takes you. Use your Switch Rewards Visa Debit card to make purchases at 51+ million merchants around the world.


Element Blockchain

Gold is more valuable when it's left in the ground. Element blockchain is taking advantage of blockchain technology to give digitalized access to anyone.


Galvan Blockchain

Find greater rewards in a life well lived. Develop healthy habits and earn digital rewards. It's as simple as that.

Grow Blockchain

The blockchain your personal health even more within your reach. Tracking the best ingredients from seed to shelf ensures the highest quality supplements delivered right to your door.

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