Saturday at 10AM

As always, we are encouraging more floats and fewer vehicles. Please be advised that an application is required for each individual car, truck, float and unit.

The Parade will step off on the Saturday of homecoming at 10AM.   You must arrive to the staging area (EJ Hayes Elementary School) to sign in between 8:30AM - 9:15AM.  All participants must be in formation by 9:45AM.  LATE COMERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE. Be patient during staging.  Yes, it will look like CHAOS as we are staging several hundred participants to include, cars, floats and bands, but it does all come together and it does start ON TIME.  We are all here to have fun.  If you feel you need a little extra time to get ready, report to the staging area early.

Parade Representative
Each group that is participating in the parade should designate one person as their “parade representative”. The parade representative will help with the coordination of the float/vehicle/group setup and controlling the flow of their float/vehicle/group during the parade.

Parade Etiquette
You are allowed to hand out candy, promotional items, etc.  YOU CANNOT THROW ANYTHING FROM A MOTORIZED VEHICLE!  Have walkers hand items to the crowd.  This is our #1 safety concern as children run into the street chasing candy. 

Please be advised that Williamston Police Department will be enforcing all applicable state laws and local ordinances during the parade.  Such statutes may include, but are not limited to, public decency, alcohol, controlled substances, public safety and standard vehicle insurance requirements.
**Special Notice to Motorcycle Riders:   All persons riding motorcycles in the homecoming parade must be licensed by the NC DMV and wear DOT approved helmets securely fastened.  No stunts will be allowed (wheelies, burnouts, etc.) Drivers of motorcycles can rev their engines but any violations of these rules or NC laws will result in immediate removal from the parade and the possibility of the driver being cited for violations.  We will have volunteers along the route to record the license plate numbers of any participant that is in violation of the above.

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