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Please print out the welcome kit below.







Confirm your smartship!

Many of you completed your Autoship set up during time of enrollment. Now its time to double check to make sure this has been taken care of. Go into your Back Office and click on Autoship at the top. After you click on Autoship it will show you if you have one on file.  CLICK HERE to see Autoship requirements.

Set up your holding tank and preferred placement!

Log into your back office and click My Profile on the right.  Look to the left and now click Edit My Profile.  In the middle of the page check the checkbox where it reads "Place your new signups in your holding tank." Scroll to the bottom and Hit Save.  Next, click on Preferred Placement under Edit My Profile.  Select the drop down for your preferred placement.  Click Save Changes.  CLICK HERE for full demo of how to set up and work your holding tank!

Become a customer of yourself!

Go to your front office and click SHOP.  Select your shipping country, hit continue.  After 1 product is added to your cart, click I am a new Customer.  Fill out the new customer information with your REAL information and follow the prompts.  Once you checkout and pay for your products, you are now a customer of yourself! 


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