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Tea Party Successful Planning Tips

What tips do you have for hosting a successful home shopping party?



  • This doesn’t have to mean hours, but organize your materials before you arrive at the host’s home. That way you’ll assure that you have what you need, and you will look professional.  Make sure tea is available for the guests.  Double your packs when making tea for your tea party. 

  • Make sure you have EMU oil for dabbing and Nutraburst for sampling!  Also have inventory on hand for sale!

  • Have order forms printed already and give them to your guests before the presentation starts.  This will allow them to check off what they want and allows them to remember the different products.

At the party:

  • Smile and have fun! No matter what happen, just roll with it. And make friends! These guests are your future hosts and consultants.

  • Serve light food (fruit, veggies) NO HEAVY FOODS!

  • Serve your tea in 8 oz cups so your guests will get the full experience!

After the party:

  • Take your guests to meet the presenter.  The presenter will ask your guests what did they like about the presentation and close your guests for you.

  • Acknowledge guests and hosts in some way – send them a short thank-you email with a relevant link, or post a shout out on Facebook or shoot them a quick text – let them know you appreciate their business. Be timely, be brief.

For direct sales reps:

  • Give yourself permission to learn. If you’re new or trying a new party format – use that to get bookings. Most people love to help and/or be a part of a “test group.” Letting them know up front gives you permission to learn, because then no one is expecting you to be perfect (and they probably weren’t to begin with). In the home party business, you get paid for on-the-job training!

  • Let your personality show. People love realness! So be yourself – let your hosts and guests see your personality shine. You’ll be more relaxed and you’ll make more friends – which leads to a more fulfilling and productive business for you.

  • Don’t carp, whine, or make excuses. Be professional at all times and leave your troubles at home. People book parties with you to have fun – you and your party are entertainment, so put your smiley face on.

  • Don’t do all the talking. You have a lot of knowledge to share with your clients, but you don’t have to tell them everything in one night. The end of the party is the beginning of your relationship with a client; nurture those relationships and you will have many more opportunities to talk with them about your products and your business.

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