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Welcome to Team Zion!

I am Regional Director Tracie Bond Jones.  I started my Total Life Changes journey June 30, 2015.  For three months I used the Iaso Tea and Resolution drops and dropped 30 pounds in 90 days.  I went from 202 pounds to 170 pounds. 

October 2015, I started my Total Life Changes business.  I became serious when one of my customers who has lupus dropped 30 pounds and got off her medications within 90 days of using the products.  She shocked her doctors! This young lady was able to drive for the 1st time in years all because I said YES to TLC!


I am now committed to helping others by exposing our wonderful products to the masses! In my quest to share Total Life Changes, my mission is to help many families get healthy and earn an extra $250 to $1000 a month on a part time basis just by sharing Total Life Changes with others.  JOIN TEAM ZION TODAY!  

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