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Here is my testimony on using TLC products. I have incorporated the IASO Tea, IASO NutraBurst, IASO Oil, IASO Gano and IASO Chaga into my daily routine.

Type 2 diabetic that has been fighting with my glucose levels for such a long time. I also have High Blood Pressure and been diagnosed with Osteo-arthritis in the knees. I started with the Tea and NutraBurst. Then I took the Gano for a couple of weeks before I started with the Chaga. Previously, I had a rough time getting an...d keeping my blood sugar levels within range. A few weeks after adding the Chaga, my levels are now well within range (70-120) and even my fasting levels upon waking are great! I was never sure what I was going to see upon waking... was it high, was it low, was it where it should be? Let's roll the dice and see how my day is going to start. This was on-going. My fasting levels are now well below 120 and most times below 100. And the numbers go down even further and stay down all day! (All within the range my doctor has set as my goal). This is truly a blessing. My immune system was also lacking and I would catch a cold/bug justlikethat! Always dreaded hearing someone sneeze or cough because I knew I was on the short list to catch it no matter how much I kept my distance. Not lately. Something was going around the office recently and I have remained on the outside of it! Visited the doctor recently and blood pressure was good too. The oil has helped my knee pain. Pain level may not get to zero, but it is so much more tolerable.


I am so thankful to have been introduced to Total Life Changes. And just to think I nearly backed out of attending my sponsor's Launch Party which introduced me to TLC...because of a cold! Not making any medical claims, just my experience.

Starting in college I had problems with cysts/boils on my body. This condition affected me in so many ways. The main area was my armpits. The condition is called Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I used to dread shaving because I knew a new boil would always flare up. SOME caused minimal side effects but MOST caused fevers, urgent care trips, lots of antibiotics and pain meds, and eventual surgery. After 4 surgeries, 2 under each arm, I have ugly scars where the doctor had to go in and remove my sweat glands. But not only that, after the 4th surgery (last April), the boils kept coming! Well I am here today to express how grateful I am for the Iaso tea. Since drinking the tea I have not had a boil since May of last year! I am not making medical claims, this is my testimony! If I do not drink the tea for anything else, I will drink it so I will not have to endure the pain from hidradenitis!!

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